"Who Knows" Barleywine
The name says it all. This was the first brew that threw out the book. A mix of base malts, dark malts, and caramel malts, this sweet, high gravity brew will replace your dessert and have a lampshade on your head in no time.

Vanilla Pecan Cream Ale
A pleasant cross between an ale and a lager, this heady brew is perfect for back porch sitting on a hot summer day. With a mild alcohol content, it's safe to call this one a session beer that you won't be able to put down. It's this brewer's favorite so far.

Dubbel Date
Now, double dates can get a little awkward sometimes. But this Belgian Dubble, crammed with organic medjool dates, will liven the night. As a traditional Belgian Dubble with pronounced phenols and esters, its 8% alcohol by volume will make any date a bit more fun.

Purple Ribbon
You know when you did your science fair project the night before and got a participation ribbon? This familiar tasting American Pale Ale will leave you saying, "Well, that's beer." This brew, as a low gravity, low alcohol pale ale, is perfect for the "Honey, I'm Home!" part of your day. Guest Brewer: Ben.

GrassyAss SMaSH IPA
No, we didn't hire the Hulk to smash the grains. SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. This beer almost didn't make it. If you've ever smelled mashed Maris Otter, you'll understand the craving to eat it like oatmeal. Maris Otter is a malted 2-row with a bready, biscuit flavor that makes any brewhouse smell like heaven. After tossing in a few ounces of Ahtanum Hops (we can't pronounce it either), we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Guest Brewer: Dave.

Dog Ranch Dirty Brown Ale
There's something to be said about man's best friend. Dogs have been begging humans for dinner scraps for about 14,000 years now (plus or minus a day or two). A little advice: grab this brown ale, grab your best canine friend, sit on the porch and remember how awesome life is. The beer: It's brown. It's earthy. It's delicious.

Bread 'n Water Mexican Lager
It's a great sessionable summer fiesta beer that has hints of corn and a mellow lager yeast flavor.

Ginger Pale Ale - GPA
It was a good beer! It took awhile for the flavors to really blend. After that, it was a really good, and somewhat spicy IPA. Guest Brewer: Kayla

Basic Witch Porter
After resisting the pumpkin spice craze, we did it. We made a pumpkin spice beer. It's actually really good straight out of the kettle. So, we've got high hopes. Guest Brewer: Kayla
Edit: It was okay.

We were making this Red Ale in preparation to visit New York. We wanted to impress Kay’s family by bringing gifts. Except…they didn’t carbonate. Also, the label was put into GrogTag’s hall of fame.
Edit: After forgetting about a few bottles in the closet, it carbonated! It was a really good beer!

Christmas Cookie Cream Ale
I have the benefit of hindsight to write this. This was a basic cream ale. Then we added Almond. Then Vanilla. Then sooo much lactose. It ended up tasting like a frosted Christmas cookie. Which was okay for like 2 glasses of it.